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all things must pass….


Well, that was a strange few months wasn’t it? 

But as George Harrison once stated “All Things Must Pass”, and we’re glad the lockdown situation is passing too! We hope you’re all doing well? We’ve had lots of time to make Audiocounsel better than ever, make things safe for our customers to visit, and, of course, time to listen to lots of music!

We are looking forward to playing you some of the things we’ve found on some incredible new systems!

So, what’s new? 



new website. 

What do you think to our shiny new website?

We’ve been busy during lockdown, revamping our website, in order to bring you the best up-to-date information on our range of products, brands, as well as latest news on events, reviews, new images and videos to keep you entertained. Over the coming weeks and months we intend to start bringing you more from Audiocounsel TV! Subscribe to our new YouTube channel if you haven’t already…..

new-look demo rooms.

Our new-look demo room offers not only a more relaxed environment than before, but one that sounds better than ever! Don’t take our word for it, pay us a visit to see and hear for yourself!

safe distance. 

You’re in safe hands……We are providing face masks for you (just ask!) and have altered our demo room so you can comfortably sit two metres away whilst enjoying the music.

There is free parking opposite the shop, and you don’t have to worry about navigating a busy high street to pay us a visit. We’ve even made you a social-distancing/lockdown themed playlist on Spotify to get you in the mood on the drive over!

what’s new? 

As good as it’s been to binge watch TV shows on crazy Tiger people, and work on our T-shirt sun-tan’s…..we’ve actually been hard at work in order to bring you some incredible new products, and ways to enhance your existing system so it plays music like never before!!

Come on In!


10AM – 5.30PM


10AM – 4PM


Sometimes we are away from the shop. To avoid disappointment, we recommend calling ahead to make sure we are around.



01457 875 555




29 Sam Road
Diggle, Greater Manchester