Full Stream Ahead….

For many of you who have known us for a long time, what we’re about to say may come as somewhat of a surprise…….we’ve fallen in love with streaming!

“432 EVO” are largely to blame for this! We have just started stocking their products after much listening to them – and they are simply the best quality we have ever heard in the streaming world!



432 evo. 

Call us old fashioned, call us luddites, (we’ve had worse) but we have always wanted our music to sound the best quality possible, and we believe that has only been possible through Vinyl and CD (mostly), but the guys at 432Evo are really onto something.

Easy to use, whether as a server or a streamer, great quality music playback and access to a world of music at your fingertips – what else could you ask for?

CD Ripper.

The 432 EVO “Standard” music server comes with a built in CD Ripper, using a bit-perfect TEAC rip facility. Also fully loaded with a 2 TB SSHD storage on spring suspension system: ultra low noise laptop HDD with SSD caching – so tonnes of space for even the largest CD collection! And, crucially, all the onboard wizardry doesn’t compromise on any of the qualities that CD has to offer!

Plug & Play. 

It comes with USB 3.0 output supporting USB Audio Class 2.0 to connect to your USB DAC. The USB output of the STANDARD combined with the real-time kernel and it’s single Sbooster BOtW MK II true linear power supply is already a big step up compared to those who use a PC, MAC (inc Mac Mini) or laptop as their source feeding a USB DAC. 

what’s 432hz? 

The 432 EVO music servers and streamers feature a setting where you can “tune” the music to 432Hz. But what is it, and does it make a difference? Basically, it is an old style tuning, and yes it does make a difference – feel free to come and have a listen to know for yourself. If you’d rather stick to 440Hz, no problem, it’s capable of both! The 432 EVO offer you the possibility to convert your existing music on the fly into the better sounding 432 Hz, without any resolution loss whatsoever. 

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