Recent InstalLations

Recent Installations

 We know one or two things about how to put a good Hi-Fi system together. So during the last lockdown, we were busy at what we do best – getting the absolute most out of your hi-fi system, and maximising your enjoyment of music! Whilst we weren’t allowed to do demos at the shop, we were still able to install lots of exciting new products. Have a little look here…..



Audio Note Conquest.

Only this week, we installed a pair of Audio Note Conquest 300B Mono power amplifiers for a customer who was very happy indeed! This whole system was playing any genre of music you could throw at it, with such real life presence it was hard to believe the musicians weren’t performing in the room! 

Audio Note M6 Phono Pre-Amp

What can we say about this particular install? It wasn’t as good as attending a live gig – it was probably even better! One of our top customers, Stuart, slotted in an M6 Phono into an already stunning system. After a little bit of playing around we could barely bring ourselves to stop listening to record after record!! 

Audio Note TT3/PSU4 

The TT3 is a pretty astonishing turntable, even with the PSU1. However, once you hear it with their top level PSU4 – its a game changer! Never has vinyl sounded so alive!! Come and have a listen for yourself?

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