About Densen

Life-Time Warranty

Upgrade Philosophy

It is their intention to make complete products. Not just products that are sonically superior, but complete like a perfect circle. As you read on you’ll discover that they go the extra mile in every aspect: design, user-friendliness,development, quality, upgradeability, production methods and of course sound quality. But you really won’t have a clue about it all until your get to hear and see what we’re talking about.

Densen products are built for life and for long-lasting state-of-the-art performance. That’s why all Densen products come with an exclusive lifetime warranty. The warranty is a global carry-in warranty that lasts as long as you own the product. At this time in history, Densen is the only manufacturer to offer lifetime warranty on high-end Hi-Fi.

Densen products are not only built to last; they’re also built to be upgraded along the way. Nearly all their amps, CD-players and tuners have been prepared for upgrades, so you can improve and expand your musical experiences at afavourable price and without compromising on design, build quality and sound. You can start out with a very simple system and end up with a high-end active system, just by upgrading.

Densen Dealers

Their obsession with perfection goes all the way, and includes their dealers and distributors, where they have selected the very best.  At Audiocounsel we a extremly pleased to stock these stunning products. At present we stock their CD players, pre amps, power amps and power supplies. Enjoy reading about the products and the relevant reviews, but remember to call in to listen to these products first hand.