Audio Note Speakers 

Audio Note Loudspeakers


Audio Note loudspeakers simply and consistently allow you to get past the equipment and on to the more important task of listening to music. This is simply why they are held with such high regard by music lovers worldwide.

Since the company’s foundation, they have passionately pursued the same, simple aim;  To create products that play music in a natural and pure. The sound should have this “organic” feel of real instruments being played before you. Wood should sound like wood, metal like metal, voice like voice.


About Audio Note Loudspeakers


Audio Note loudspeakers are extremely persuasive, whatever the philosophy behind them. Perhaps Peter Qvortop has sprinkled some fairy dust on them and not told us. They are exhilaratingly open and gloriously transparent. String instruments are transcendent, human voices strikingly clear and instrumental voices remarkably lifelike.

All Audio Note speakers are designed to occupy the corners of the room, toed in such that their ‘lines’ cross about a meter in front of the listening position. This said, most AN speakers work fine out in the room, so the fact that your room has no useable corners does not rule them out. All Audio Note speakers are high efficiency (with efficiency rising as you go up through the range) and present an easy load to the amplifier. This allows a wide choice of partnering amplification including transistor and valve amps Though they particularly love low-powered SET’s.

Audio Note AN Speaker Range 



The superb Audio Note AN speaker range, is based on the classic Snell design and improved upon by Audio Note designers. The fundamentals remain consistent throughout the various models; a two way, rear ported, stand mount design using an 8 inch bass/mid driver and 1 inch soft dome tweeter. The speaker proportions may seem quite different from modern fashion, being wider rather than deeper, but this allows the speaker to breath naturally as a musical instrument would. When you listen to Audio Note loudspeakers you do not get the sense that the music is restricted by the cabinet dimensions, rather instruments sound natural, full and effortless.

Audio Note AZ Speaker Range 

The AZ range are a simple, elegant speakers with a characteristic Audio Note sound. They are designed to be partnered with the Audio Note Zero level CD Player and Amplifier. That said they are a particularly versatile speaker that perform superbly with most transistor amplifiers. A particular favourite of ours is the AZ-2’s with an OTO PP and CD 1.1. This simple two-box system produces pure magic for the money. There is an openness and clarity, which draws you into the music. They are easy to drive and not too sensitive to room placement. Though to get them working at their optimum they do benefit from being placed near a rear wall or in a corner, to enhance the bass considerably.

The AZ range come in two versions; paper coned drivers and hemp coned drivers. The hemp cone drivers appear on many of the dearer Audio Note speakers and are a key part to what makes this speaker rather special. The benefits of the longer grains on hemp gives the sound a relaxed and highly textured mid band quality. They come complete several finishes Black Ash, Rosewood, Beech, Cherry.

Audio Note AX Speaker Range 


The AX range deserve much wider recognition as they offer extraordinary performance for the price. They reproduce music in a way that few other entry-level loudspeakers can. The beauty of these speakers are that they can be driven by practically any good quality amplifier, be that valve or transistor. Though I can think of few other speakers at this price point to demonstrate the beauty of single ended valve amplifiers, such as the Audion Sterling and the Audio Note OTO.